Elna Sewing Machines

As far back as the initial inception in 1940, the Elna Sewing Machines have celebrated being a manufacturer where design and technology have no limits. Elna products have received awards for innovation, particularly for one sewing machine called the Lotus. Swiss designed, the range of Elna Sewing Machines had a wide choice from simple mechanical models to sophisticated computerised machines capable of sewing delicate embroidery. The Elna Sewing Machines have gained a reputation as a well-built, reliable & excellent quality Elna’s powerful reputation still upholds today. Affordable and high quality, the Elna sewing machines have been around since 1940. The Elna #1 was the first compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm (once its unfolded, the metal carrying case forms a sewing table). Originally, the Elna #1 was coloured green, which diverted from the conventional colour of black – this in itself was innovative. The Elna Sewing Machine was very successful and this begun the Elna home sewing machine industry.

The Elna Supermatic was released in 1952, it featured zig zag stitches and interchangeable cams, designed to create various stitch patterns. In 1968, the Elna Lotus was introduced; it was a compact sewing machine with a unique design. Nowadays, you’ll see the Elna Lotus in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in the Design Collection. The first ironing machine was launched by Elna in 1973 as part of their plan to stay at the forefront of technology. The Elnapress had great success due to the modern way that they transformed ironing.