Toyota Oekaki RS + Extension Table

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Best selling Toyota since it was first introduced to the UK . Easy one dial operation to select the stitch, plus this machine has the electronic foot control for superb speed control at all times even when starting or ending a seam.

This Oekaki sewing machine by Toyota can handle a variety of fabrics providing you use the right needle and good quality thread. I have sewn net curtains, heavy curtains (with lining, interlining and header tape), upholstery fabric, faux fur, felt, denim and done some quilting. It is fantastic for making alterations to clothes, such as taking up hems and also replacing zips, etc.

Not only that but it has the fantastic OEKAKI function for free motion embroidery, don't worry there's a DVD included which give you a great start and some handy tips while embroidering. Also included is the extension table as shown in one of our images. Plus an curricular sewing attachment! imagine being able to sew perfect circles, linking then together to create floral designs on cushions.

The machines features are listed below:

Has a carrying handle
24 built in stitches including a 4-step buttonhole, straight and stretch stitches, 3 sizes of zig-zag and multi zig-zag, blind and stretch blind hem,
various overcasting stitches, blanket, shell & other decorative stitches.
Extra spool for twin-needle stitching
Adjustable presser foot pressure
Presser foot can be raised higher to accommodate thicker fabric
Adjustable top thread tension
Adjustable stitch length
Bobbin winder
Reverse stitch lever
AUTO Needle threader
Clip on feet
On board thread cutter
Feed dogs can be dropped for sewing on buttons, free-hand embroidery and darning
Removable accessory box to reveal free arm for sewing sleeves, etc Soft cover

As you can see from the picture, it comes with a bundle of accessories.


Large extension table free

- Operator's Manual
- Instructional DVD
- Instruction book for Oekaki (Japanese for 'To draw')
- Zig-zag foot (on machine)
- Walking foot
- Zipper foot
- Free-hand embroidery/darning foot
- Buttonhole foot
- Open toe applique foot
- Buttonhole cutter
- Quilting guide (attaches to rear of zig-zag foot)
- Needle plate screwdriver
- Lint brush
- Oil
- 3 bobbins (one in machine)
- Standard needle (on machine) and can use denim, leather, ballpoint and twin needles
- Small screwdriver
- Pencil for marking fabric for Oekaki

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