Digitizer JR Ver 4.5

Digitizer JR Ver 4.5

  • £249.00

Start your digitizing career with Janome’s Digitizer Jr. Based on the power of its big brother Digitizer MB V4.5 with its user friendly, easy to use features and functions will have you digitizing and embroidering your design quicker than you think.

Read in existing designs from multiple embroidery formats, resize, change colours and patterns, etc. Use the fantastic Easy Layout feature which enables you to create layouts up to 3m x 3m, but has the enhanced feature of now being able to create circular layouts. Used in conjunction with the Copy and Mirror to Corners plus Copy to Circle functions you will have your layout created in minutes.

This product will work for the following machines:

  • Janome MC11000

  • Janome MC10001

  • Janome MC10000

  • Janome MC9700

  • Janome MC9500

  • Janome MC350E

  • Janome MC300E

  • Janome MC200E

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